Radishes are really easy to grow – when I first started to try and grow things to eat I actually managed these.  You can grow them all year round and they take not time at all to produce a crop so are really rewarding to grow with your children.

Radishes are good source of vitamin C, folate, riboflavin, thiamine, iron, magnesium, copper and calcium.  They are also full of anti-oxidants, phytochemicals, electrolytes and dietary fiber.  Eat the root and the tops raw or cooked but avoid peeling the root; it is where the nutrients reside.  Their crisp, clean, peppery flavor lends itself well to a variety of preparations. Personally I have only eaten them raw, but just found you can simply sauté them in butter. It’s on my to do list.

At the end of January; directly sow seeds into your patch and repeat weekly. Sow Radish seeds in soil at 1/2” depth. It will take between 4-12 days to germinate and you need to sow into moist soil.

. Plant in rows giving 4” spacing between each seedling and 4” staggered, between each row. Radishes and Fennel shouldn’t be planted near each other and make sure yo water regularly.  They hate to dry out.  Best thing about growing radishes is they grow fast!! Water regularly, radishes do not like to dry out.  Radishes grow fast, generally from 25 -35 days!  This makes them become an excellent row marker between slow germinating veggies like carrots, parsnips or even lettuce and greens.

Harvest Radishes when they reach maturity.  Do not miss the harvest date  or they become stringy.  You can store your mature plants in the cellar or fridge. Take the green bit off.

Saving Seeds
Leave at least 10 radishes to continue to grow for seed.  The plants will produce tall seed stalks, flower out and produce pods with seeds in the summer. Remove the entire seed stalk once it becomes dry and place in a paper bag. Gently flail and winnow the seeds from the pods and other plant material.


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