I think this is rather a good deal and I am all for eating well and healthy, I love cooking and I love a bargain!!
50% off some boxes and 25% off your first order. Free delivery on orders over £80.
I bought:

The Deluxe Seasonal Box

was £100.00  now £50.00

Image for The Deluxe Seasonal BoxEat the finest produce from this season with our Deluxe Seasonal Box. It has everything you and your loved ones will need! From scrumptious British meat cut and packed by our award winning local butcher
s, to freshly caught fish from Fleetwood docks and delicious seasonal vegetables which are picked by our independent British farmers.


Large Fresh Fish Box 

Was £60.00 now £50.00

A great selection of some of our most popular Fresh Fish. This fish is the freshest on the market from catch to your door in 48 hours!



You get free delivery on orders over £80.  Obviously, I then needed to add a bottle of wine for my free delivery. Follow this link and if you order we both get £10 off our next order.

I tend to have a cooking day for soups, stews or casseroles and then freeze everything. I then have cheaper and healthier fast food options when I just can’t be bothered -(that happens a lot in my life :).

Happy Healthy Shopping Boys and Girls.  I get mine delivered next week.  I will let you know if it was any good or if I thought it was worth it 🙂


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